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Friday Afternoon Tea



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You're an absolute gem at heart and deserve the kindness and goodness you show others. What better way to treat yourself kindly and goodly than with tea? This smooth and refreshing cuppa brews up healing blue and will ease your troubles with cooling mint and soothing aloe in a fragrant garden of jasmine green and white tea. Rest awhile here, weary traveler.

Ingredients: White tea, aloe vera, green tea, jasmine flowers, blue peaflower, spearmint, jasmine essence

Approximately 40mg of caffeine per cup

Steep at 185° F or 85°C for 2-4 min

Blend by Greg

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Perfect Wind-down Tea

Absolutely one of my favorite blends! A wonderfully balanced light tea that’s so soothing I keep believing it’s a herbal blend. My mother mixes a small teaspoon of this with her more medicinal packets to give them a gentle floral flavor boost. Depending on how many peaflowers is in your steep the blue color may vary, sometimes it’s very light or absent and sometimes it’s quite strong!

Afternoon Dream

This was the first cup of tea I tried with my recent Friday Afternoon teas. I wanted a little afternoon pick-me-up and when I opened this bag, I was whisked away into a daydream. This is such a nice and light green tea with a fragrance that takes you to a jasmine garden surrounded by butterflies. The flavor was incredibly balanced with florals and fruit (is that dried pear?) - I steeped twice and it was even better the 2nd time. 10/10 will daydream again.

Great for Sad Tummy

Got this as part of the retro gaming pack and this is the first one we've used up! My partner has been dealing with some upset stomach issues lately and has found this tea to be both delicious and very soothing. The color is a bit intense though!

My favorite tea!

I just love this tea blend! It’s white tea so it’s very smooth and not too herbally or too florally, just the right blend. Highly recommend.