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Friday Afternoon Tea

Sweetest Dreams

Sweetest Dreams

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This blend is one of our New Apothecary medicinals. Check out the entire delicious collection here!

Use nightly for full-body relaxation and an overall feeling of well-being. This blend facilitates a deep sleep and positive state of mind for good dreams. Formulated especially for insomniacs and the nightmare-prone.

     *As with all supplements, this is not meant to replace medical treatment or treat any particular disease. Please discuss your options with your doctor.

Ingredients: Rooibos, chamomile, peppermint

0mg of caffeine per cup

To infuse, use one teaspoon per cup of water at 185°F or 85°C and allow to steep for at least two minutes. Stronger infusions (5-7 minutes) will yield more benefit.

Blend by Friday

(Pssst! You can read about the synesthesia-based inspiration behind this tea here!)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nice night time tea

Really tasty and a great way to unwind before bed. I’m unsure of how sleepy it makes me but I enjoy it.

Audrey Churchill
It's helping!

My daughter has ADHD and stopped being able to go to bed at a decent time without some kind of sleep aid. This is doing the trick for her and I'm so glad.

Tyr Henderson
lovely and nostalgic

like a simpler version of a favorite grocery store box tea, very calming, great with honey

Desiree Melecio

So I’m someone who goes to sleep at 1 or 2 am. I often have racing thoughts or go into manic cleaning mode and still end up waking up at about 3 or 4. Well I brewed this tea while I was cleaning up the kitchen and drank 2 cups at about 10 and 10:15. By 11:15 I felt relaxed and ready to go to sleep. I didn’t struggle or have to constantly move around I simply put my head on the pillow and was out like a light. What I loved most was how calm I felt, I tend to feel my anxiety creep into my chest and that did not happen. Best of all I slept until my alarm went off at 6 am. Definitely going to make this a nightly routine and I’ll definitely have to buy more soon!!!