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Friday Afternoon Tea

Strawberry Snap

Strawberry Snap

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This blend is available 3/1-6/3 in our Spring seasonal rotation!

This buttery green tea dream is a Spring treat designed to evoke the first bite of Strawberry Pocky as you stroll through the cherry blossom festival. Toasty, buttery Dragonwell green tea meets honeyed vanilla and elderflower with real freeze-dried strawberry and cheerful edible pink glitter. Sunshine and sweet cheer abound, whether brewed hot or cold!

Ingredients: Green tea, strawberry, granulated honey, elderflower, natural vanilla flavoring, edible pink lustre dust

50mg of caffeine per cup

Steep at 175° F or 79.4°C for 3 minutes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jessica Van Norden

Holy moly the strawberry smell is strong and sweet. It's so fun and playful, like springtime in a cup. I can't wait to make sun tea with this.

Jaime Young

I cold brew and drink it iced! One of my favorites so far.

What I imagine fairies drink in spring…

This tea is such FUN. The strawberry flavor is a crowd pleaser, which suits the tea blend. The pink lustre dust is such a great addition. This is a tea I imagine fairies would drink in the garden. It is absolutely easy to drink and watching the tea bloom with the pink shimmer is such a joy.

All-day sipper

Sweet and fruity gives way to rich and buttery. Delicious!