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Friday Afternoon

Spice Must Flow

Spice Must Flow

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This blend is available 9/1-12/3 in our Autumn fandom rotation!

Allow this luxurious melange of spices to wash over you. Let it carry you away. Let yourself sink into the heady aroma of coffee and caramel as the spice holds sway on your tongue.

Ingredients: Cinnamon, decaffeinated coffee beans (from our partners and friends at Found Familiar), ginger root, orange peel, roasted green tea stems, aged black tea (puerh), natural caramel and cream flavoring

Approximately 50mg of caffeine per cup for full caffeine beans

Approximately 20mg of caffeine per cup for decaf beans

Steep at 208° F or 97.8°C for 3-5 min

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
So delicious

Got it in a handpicked box and am obsessed. Tragically I didn't check if it was a seasonal one, so I've gone through my supply too quickly and will have to wait for it to return one day. But it's rich, it's creamy, it's perfect. Join me waiting for its luscious return. It's worth the wait.


Just like the thing it was designed to emulate, this tea is sweet but also smoky and VERY addicting! You can't just make one cup of this tea, you'll want to make the whole bag. They really hit it out of the park with this one!