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Friday Afternoon

Shadow Self

Shadow Self

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This is one of our Podcast Collab blends. Check out all of our CommuniTea Collabs here!

As much as there is light in each of us, so is there shadow. We all have a dark side. There are parts of you that you're not proud of, that you don't want anyone to see. There's a tea for that. Brew this dark tea, cave-aged in Malawi for six years. Breathe in the pine smoke it carries on its back. Rosemary means remember and raspberry leaf is to relax. Embrace it. It's always been with you. You are your shadow self now.

Ingredients: Aged dark tea, raspberry leaf, black tea, rosemary, pine smoke

Approximately 65mg of caffeine per cup

Steep at 212° F or 100°C for 3-5 min, or as dark as you dare

Kalila Stormfire's Economical Magic Services is an ongoing urban fantasy podcast written by Lisette Alvarez and produced by Stormfire Productions. It was made for people who enjoy tales of meddling love goddesses, witches talking to their familiars, and the limits of magick. This story is about how we deal with failure--individually and collectively--and how sometimes our shadows don't quite take the shape we expect.

You can follow this rad podcast on Twitter @KalilaStormfire

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Customer Reviews

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Ren De
Current go to

I *love* lapsang souchong. So of course this is a 5 star tea.
The rosemary and the raspberry leaf compliment the smokiness wonderfully. Each brew is a delight. This tea keeps me going all day <3


The first cup is dousing a campfire with water; the second cup is when the fire is still smoldering into embers.
The ingredients all play really well with each other, working together to make a unified flavor while also having their own time in the spotlight.
Great if you want something VERY caffeinated to start your day. I imagine this would be great before a hike or camping trip!

Tim O
Holy Smokes!

The smoke really comes through but a nice herbal tea otherwise. Like drinking a campfire lol

The first campout of the season in a cup

The smoke is present without overpowering the rest of the tea, and the rosemary and raspberry leaf ad a fresh herbal quality. Having a cup of this is like sitting by a spring or early summer campfire and the smoke is blowing the other way for once. Comforting and refreshing at the same time, a perfect tea for morning or afternoon.

Got this as a surprise sample with an online order, so thank you to whoever added it to my package! I will definitely be checking out the podcast that inspired this lovely blend