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Friday Afternoon

Rohan's Research Blend

Rohan's Research Blend

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This blend is part of our ChariTea collection. Check out the entire delicious collection here!

Rohan's Research Blend is a special blend supporting the Association for Creatine Deficiencies.  For every ounce of tea, $3 is donated to the ACD to fund research for three rare diseases. Named after Rohan, a kiddo we love!

Using a combination of orange peel, blue cornflower, and chamomile, this blend will inspire you to get creative with research on your own project. Strong notes of vanilla and lemon keep things going smoothly. And, while you're enjoying a cup, we encourage you to learn more about the ACD by visiting!

Ingredients: Apple, blue cornflower, orange peel, chamomile, marigold, natural vanilla and lemon flavoring

0mg of caffeine per cup

Steep at 185° F or 85°C for 3-5 min

(Pssst! You can read about the synesthesia-based inspiration behind this tea here!)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Laura Trutoiu
Delightfully good cause

Feels like magic in a cup! Sometimes I forget how good this tea is whether during the day or the evening and I get a sample and I’m like OMG why am I not drinking this daily?!?

Madeleines in a cup

This tea reminds me of Madeleines. It smells like Madeleines and is delicious, light, and fluffy like Madeleines. So tasty!

My comfort tea

Obsessed and buy it in the largest bag. Soft and comforting, floral, sweet, citrussy and that lil vanilla smoothness peeking out. I am a lover of chamomile, and this is the comfort disco of chamomile blends. I do a lot of house sitting and always take some of this with me to feel at home and keep a tea ritual maintained. Thank you for this blend, I love it so much.

Mellow sunshine in a cup

I'm not getting the same level of sweetness as the other reviewer stated, but I drank it hot so maybe I would have different results if I let it cool? I added a bit of sugar to my cup, used 2tsp for 250ml of water, brewed 5-6min. Liquor color is a very pale yellow. It does go down very smooth though, so I'll keep drinking it! (Also, a warning if you've got plant allergies... My first reaction on opening the bag was an instant 3x sneeze.)

Sami M
Fruity Pebbles!

this tea is super sweet on its own, and has almost the exact flavor as fruity pebbles or froot loops. it’s delicious, and super smooth. imo honey enhances all of the flavors and it’s best let to sit til it’s a little cooler to enjoy the full depth of flavor.