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Friday Afternoon Tea

Moon Magic

Moon Magic

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This blend is one of our New Apothecary medicinals. Check out the entire delicious collection here!

Menstrual distress have you feeling down? This tea is a life-saver! Drink as needed to help relieve cramps, gas, bloating, sore muscles and crankiness.

     *As with all supplements, this is not meant to replace medical treatment or treat any particular disease. Please discuss your options with your doctor.

Ingredients: Raspberry leaf, fennel, chamomile, peppermint, rose petal, lemon verbena

0mg of caffeine per cup

To infuse, use one teaspoon per cup of water at 175°F or 79.4°C and allow to steep for at least two minutes. Stronger infusions (5-7 minutes) will yield more benefit.

Blend by Friday

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Definitely helps my cramps

This tea is a go to must have for anyone with heavy and crampy periods. It does the trick!

Ren De
Exactly what I needed!

I've been drinking this all week. It is amazing! I will definitely be getting some for my sisters and nieces!!!

Over the Moon for this tea!

I've built up a bit of a tolerance to pain meds from years of cramps, so I was over the moon (ha!) to find how effective this tea was. Not only does it soothe my cramps and aches, but because of the peppermint it leaves you feeling refreshed. Coincidentally, I'm drinking this while nursing a headache and it's helping with that too. I've given some to my coworkers and they've also said how much it has helped. Thank you!

It tastes good too!

Got this tea as a surprise free sample in a big order. No one in my household has the relevant organ so I can't speak to that function but it's a really lovely thing to sip in the evening. Rose, peppermint and fennel all tend to be big flavors that overpower in a blend but they all play nice which each other here. The scent is very floral without screaming "rose" alone, while the flavor is somehow calming and refreshing at the same time. I think I'd really love this as a bath bomb and I KNOW I love it as a tea.

Perfect amount of Fennel

I have tried other blenders “menstrual blends,” and I have never found one I liked until now. And I don’t just like this tea, I LOVE it. When I see fennel in a tea, I am often hesitant because it’s always been overpowering. Just a faceful of fennel. And I’m not a huge fennel fan. Or at least that’s what I thought. This tea has the perfect balance, and I actually enjoy the notes of fennel. It’s such a beautiful, aromatic blend that tastes heavenly and light. Not a heavy fennel slap that I chug to help my pain. And it’s truly magical. I’ve never had a tea get rid of my period symptoms like this one. I usually have to take aspirin all day. Drinking a few cups of this throughout the day is a much more pleasant fix, and more thorough. No bloat! No pain! No nausea! No brain fog! I’m so happy!