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Friday Afternoon

Love & Murder

Love & Murder

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This is one of our Indie TeaTRPG Collab blends. Check out all of our CommuniTea Collabs here!

"Welcome to Fallen London: a darkly hilarious gothic underworld where death is a temporary inconvenience, the rats talk, and Hell is only a stone's throw away..."

Love & Murder is a deep, delectable draught with a perfect balance of heady floral and dank earthy notes. Steep as strong as you prefer; we're not afraid of the dark here!

We are delighted to offer this Failbetter Games x Friday Afternoon collaboration in celebration of the dark and delicious gothic setting in which Mask of the Rose is set. Romance, death, mystery and mischief await you in your cup as on your computer!

Ingredients: Puer tea, reishi mushroom, rose petal, linden, roasted dandelion root

Steep at 212° F or 100°C for 3-5 min

Approximately 55mg of caffeine per cup

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Aich K.
A perfect encapsulation of Fallen London

I love the setting of Fallen London more than the browser game - the Victorian aesthetics, the eldritch, gothic horror creepily eerily through every line - and this tea GETS it. The aged pu erh and the mushroom give a mustiness that makes it feel old, like a library that hasn't been visited often. The mushroom gives the deep underground vibe of the Neath, and the pu erh and rose petals give an aged florality, like visiting grandma, in a way that feels Victorian. It FEELS like Fallen London in a tea - it feels like the kind of tea people would drink in the Neath, having to bulk out what leaves they have with mushroom and dandelion root - and it's become a comfort tea for me ever since I first got it.

The Mirror-Eyed Hyaline
Perfect for Love & Murder!

As a longtime resident of the Neath, this is the perfect tea! The ingredients sound a bit strange (I haven't tried many of them) but it blends into a perfect companion to being in the Neath (whether Mask of the Rose sleuthing or in Fallen London itself [cannot say for the two Sunless games; have not yet paired them ;)]) while also being a full body tea with a sort of black tea base layer.

Had mine with a bit of sugar & some almond milk. Loved it! The second time I let it steep for about 7 minutes & it was a lovely bolder version & the mushroom flavour was more noticeable (pleasantly!) as well as the hint of rose (might just be the scent but it added to the overall taste). I'll be back for more when I run out!