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Friday Afternoon

Lao Cha Tuo "Old Tea Head" Shou Puer

Lao Cha Tuo "Old Tea Head" Shou Puer

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This tea is one of our Pure Aged selections. Check out the entire delicious collection here!

These delicious bundles of aged joy are named "Lao Cha Tuo" or "Old Tea Head" as they are both the ugliest and the tastiest, so are typically for the head of the tea garden to enjoy. Lao Cha Tuo forms naturally under the intense heat and pressure of the Shou Puer fermentation pile: hence their "Lumpy Boys" shape! They can be infused easily 5-30 times before losing flavor, depending on method of infusion. A full-leaf tea plucked in 2016 that is full-bodied, rich and earthy. Happy sipping!

Ingredients: Cooked puer tea

Approximately 60mg of caffeine per cup

Steep at 212° F or 100°C for 3-5 minutes.

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