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Friday Afternoon

Harvest Spice

Harvest Spice

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This blend is part of our Fall Seasonals collection. Check out the entire delicious collection here!

All the flavors of fall! Are you missing that Halloween Harvest time feeling? This rich black tea blend reminiscent of spiced apple cider and chai is perfect for filling your travel mug on those long walks! Not your basic pumpkin spice.

Ingredients: Black tea, apple, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, clove, natural vanilla and apple flavoring

Approximately 70mg of caffeine per cup for black tea base

Approximately 3mg of caffeine per cup for decaf black tea base

Steep at 212° F or 100°C for 2-4 min

Blend by Friday

This blend is available 9/1-12/3 in our Fall seasonal rotation!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dessert scented

I really love teas that smell like a delicious baked good but have a clean, unsweetened flavor. The spices and the apple are so wonderful on the nose and then the flavor is this lovely bitter black with a hint of spiced apple. Perfect way to start any cold morning.

Tim O
Apple Cider Tea

A nice tea that's a lot like apple cider. not as flavorful as some others but still very good

For Apple Cider lovers everywhere!

Have you ever wanted to drink spiced apple cider in the morning on a crisp fall day but also still need your caffeine fix? Then this is the tea for you!
Seriously, this tea is delicious, especially if you're a fan of spiced apples. It's like someone took a really good apple cobbler and made it delightfully drinkable.