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Friday Afternoon

Harvest of SolidariTEA

Harvest of SolidariTEA

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Harvest of SolidariTEA is a special blend supporting Care for Gaza.  For every ounce of tea, $3 is donated to the CfG to fund on-the-ground support for families in Gaza in the form of food, cash, and medical aid! Learn more or donate directly here!

Drawing inspiration from culinary staples and other cultural symbols of Palestinian pride, this herbal blend is a celebration of beauty in a teacup. Allow your communitea love to transport you to an old-growth olive tree grove, sun rising over the precious trees, carrying the waft of fresh-baked almond honey cake and the laughter of children. We're visualizing peace, joy. and safety with every sip.

Ingredients: Orange blossom, granulated honey, olive leaf, rose petal, lemon peel, sliced almond, thyme leaf, natural almond flavoring

0mg of caffeine per cup

Steep at 175° F or 85°C for 2-4 min

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Anna Thompson
My new favorite tea!

I love this tea! It's hard to describe - it has a pleasant smooth bitterness, a lovely almond flavor and other complex flavors that are hard to describe.

Chriss Alsop
A Brilliant, Unique Drink!

Knowing that proceeds from this drink are going to a good cause left me with a pleasant taste in my mouth before it even arrived!
The smell is incredibly intense, with the beautiful scent of almonds taking center stage and floral and citrus notes following.
The taste is a wonderful mix of sweet and bitter, with a relaxing clean aftertaste.

Wonderful Tea

This has a lightly sweet taste and a wonderful smell. It's very soothing to drink at night. I'm also glad that buying this goes towards a good cause.