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Friday Afternoon

Found Family

Found Family

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The hero's journey, the grand quest, the call to adventure...all rich pursuits to be sure! However, our communitea knows that the real wealth lies in the friends we make along the way! One of our dearest tea friends, Oboe Lauren, worked with us to make a rich, earthy tea celebrating the found families we create in the TTRPG space and beyond! As Lauren brings heart, humor and warmth to every interaction, she was the ideal collaborator for this project. We know you'll enjoy the flavor, aroma and energy of this tea as much as we do!

Full-bodied and resistant to oversteeping, this aged tea blend feature an herbaceous kiss of green sage and nettle atop a burst of cheerful blackberry. This cuppa brews up grounding and invigorating, calming and thrilling all at once!

You can find, follow & support Lauren all over cyberspace! Be sure especially to check Lauren and friends on the Children of Éarte, every Tuesday at 6pm PST on Twitch!

Ingredients: Puer tea, black tea, blackberry, green sage, nettle leaf

Approximately 65mg of caffeine per cup

Steep at 195° F or 90.5°C for 3-5 min

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sara Scouten
Deep forest vibes

Brews quick and full with a pleasant mouth feel. Has a smoky quality and the sage brings a level herbaceous goodness.
The blackberry could be more present, but overall the whole cup is balanced and pleasant.

Black as night

If you're looking for a more complex black tea, this one's good. It is very black tea forward but is balanced with the puer.

Donna Calhoun
Tasty Tea

I had read a novel involving Puer tea (lot of truth in fiction) and had wondered how a fermented tea would taste. While this tea isn't just Puer by itself, it does influence the flavor. I am most pleased with this tea combination and surprised that the Puer tea doesn't cause any unpleasant fermented taste at all. Might get the puer tea by itself one day, as for now my tea cabinet is full. Thanks for this tea testing experience. I now include Found Family with my daily favorites.

Katie Downey
Full Bodied Deliciousness

I really love the sentiment and the flavor behind this blend. There’s a strong black tea bite, which isn’t usually my thing, but there’s still such a pleasing flavor profile I have added it to my list of teas to keep in stock. (I’ve found a little sugar tempers the bite.)