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Friday Afternoon Tea



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We dug deep into our herbalist training to create for you a delicious and functional fertility-promoting tea designed to assist any body on the journey to pregnancy. This blend is appropriate for all genders and is appropriate for any stage. Whatever your role in impregnation, this is created with you in mind. It's also freakin delicious, with a rich cacao and pomegranate body, accented by fig and cinnamon!

Ingredients: Fig, cacao nib, pomegranate seed, fenugreek seed, cinnamon

5mg of caffeine per cup

To infuse, use one teaspoon per cup of water at 195°F or 90.6°C and allow to steep for at least two minutes. Stronger infusions (5-7 minutes) will yield more benefit.

*As with all supplements, this is not meant to replace medical treatment or treat any particular disease. Please discuss your options with your doctor.

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Customer Reviews

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I bought this because the ingredients sounded delicious, and I am delighted. It's giving me cinnamon-raisin vibes and I'm OBSESSED. Will be ordering more.

Robin Newquist-Ames
Delicious and it works

First, this is a delicious tea. It’s chocolaty, fruity, a little spicy, really nice at the end of the day. And I’ve been drinking it a couple times a week and now I’m pregnant. So ….it works.