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Friday Afternoon

Teacup's TEAriffic EighTEAnth!

Teacup's TEAriffic EighTEAnth!

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Happy eighteenth to Friday's firstborn and one of our original blenders! Growing up in a tea house means an affinity for the leaf, and Teacup (Allyn, irl) has been an integral creative force since the shop's founding in 2010.

Sweet and spiced, perky and layered, this brew is Teacup's self-portrait in a cup! It reflects their personality: comforting and kind, while also not being remotely subtle in its intensity.

Ingredients: Black tea, licorice root, cacao nib, moon sprinkles, cedar tips, ancho chile, natural vanilla flavoring

Approximately 50mg of caffeine per cup

Steep at 200° F or 93.5°C for 2-5 minutes.

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