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Friday Afternoon Tea

Courtesan's Blend

Courtesan's Blend

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This blend is available 6/1-9/3 in our Summer fandom rotation!

This scrumptious, creamy Ti Kwan Yin oolong blend is perfect for those naturally seductive folks. Sink into this gorgeous multi-steeper for an afternoon of delicately spiced glances and clove-infused conversations.

Ingredients: Oolong tea, cinnamon, clove, natural vanilla flavoring

Approximately 50mg of caffeine per cup

Steep at 175° F or 79.4°C for 3-5 min

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Customer Reviews

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My absolute, uncontested, #1 all time favorite tea. I got it in a sampler pack, didn’t realize it was seasonal, and I’ve been jonesing for it harder than I did for cigarettes when I quit smoking. I’m counting the days till it’s in rotation again!!


This tea is one of my all-time favorite teas in existence. I know it's unlikely, but it seems like it's impossible to oversteep, and the flavor is just the most fantastic thing. It's substantial enough to have instead of coffee first thing in the morning, but light enough to have in the evening after dinner to relax. I love to make a big pot of it and drink it for longer periods of time, like taking the pot and cup outside to drink while I garden for a couple hours. It's spicy and smooth and refreshing!