How Does it Taste? (Ambition)

So a bit over a year ago I published a post on my synesthetic experience with the feeling of passionate, romantic love. You all seemed to really dig that one, so I guess we'll make it a series! Today's flavor concept is Ambition. I refer to that determined, deep-gut desire to make something happen for yourself. In my world, it's typically career-based, but has also applied to my personal life and education. You know that feeling when you've really made up your mind to do Great Things and you won't hear otherwise? Let's taste that.

Ambition is as much a physical feeling as it is a flavor. It's a firm, tense rectangular prism deep in the bowels and a steel rod at the core of your sternum. The prism tastes tart and green with a hint of a bitter edge. I'd best compare this to citrus peels with plenty of the pith intact. The steel rod tastes warm and orange-yellow, like a late summer in a grassy meadow full of star thistle. That hot sun meets dry grass with an edge of danger? That's what is happening in the steel of the bone protecting your heart.

The little bit of nerves and fear that comes along with that danger feeling is vital to the Ambition profile. Without risk, there is no need for determination. All those citrusy green and yellows though, that's what we hold on to in order to forge ahead. Those notes are the ones that give us just enough cockiness and self-love to block out the naysayers and feel in our gut-prisms that we can achieve our ambitions.

Liquid Ambition
If ambition were a cocktail, it would probably be a Negroni. As a tea blend, I've embodied the concept in our Slytherin house blend. Because, of course I did. Our serpent friends are known for their ambition. Sure, they're painted badly in the Harry Potterverse, but ambition isn't in and of itself a bad thing. It's downright necessary in order to get things done!  Our Serpent's Blend embodies Ambition with its base of Sencha green tea (brilliant emerald green, bright vegetal taste, goes bitter if left to sit too long), lemongrass and lime peel all topped off with sweet apple flavor. Delicious.

Go forth and conquer,
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