Friday's Birthday Cake Recipe

     Every year on my birthday, my mother makes me the most incredible cake. It's everything I love in this life: dark, spiced, nearly savory, and the ideal pair for a cup of tea or coffee! Happy birthday to me! All of you wonderful Teahearts are invited to my bake-along party.

     The key with this recipe is the technique. Your egg whites must be beaten to a true glossy stiff peak! No wishy-washy half-assing your egg beatery here, or you'll end up with a less than ideal texture: tough and dense, as opposed to the soft, airy texture it ought to be. Additionally, you want to be patient with your almond and chocolate. My greatest weakness in preparing this cake is always this step. I tend to grind the chocolate and almond too roughly, not being a particularly patient baker, and always regret when I don't take the time to grind to a fine, even grit.

      If I make one wish on my birthday candles this year, it's for you to enjoy this cake (and/or its black tea counterpart) in good health, warmth, and joy.

xoxo, Friday



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