5 Ridiculously Tasty Summer Sips

Here in Seattle, we just hit full-on summer. June-uary is over and we are facing days hovering around 80°F for the next few months. Seattlites are renowned whiners when it comes to weather over 70° (Don't make that face, Lauren. You know it's true.), so we've got you covered with some fantastic summer bevvie ideas.


5 Ridiculously Tasty Summer Sips

#1: Shaken Iced Tea
Really want to elevate your iced tea game? It's as simple as playing Cocktail and shaking that sucker up. Brew a strong pot of your favorite white, green or black tea (or tisane, if caffeine isn't your game) and throw a hefty pour into a cocktail shaker with a handful of those yummy berries you scored at the farmer's market and a handful of ice. Shake it up for a solid 30 seconds, then pour into your favorite iced tea glass. A whole new level to the simple classic iced tea.

#2: Tea-Infused Sangria
My personal favorite part of hot weather season: an excuse to drink sangria! Next time you make a batch at home, try infusing your simple syrup with a bold black tea like Assam or Yunnan. A dark toasted oolong would also be a great choice. (Pro tip: tea syrups are fantastic for pretty much any chilled cocktail/mocktail!)

#3:Matcha Smoothie
If you've got a gnarly sweet tooth but are Trying to Be Good, try this creamy matcha smoothie. Try blending almond milk, matcha green tea, cinnamon, flaxseed and frozen blueberries. Throw some protein powder in there if that's your jam. Bam. Healthy and satisfying!

#4 Fresh Herb Accent
Take a cue from north Africa and drop some fresh mint leaves in your classic iced black tea. Try some garden-picked basil in your strawberry white tea! Fresh herbs are so aromatic and give a fancy edge to your daily drinks. Bonus: they grow in pretty intense abundance in the summer, so you have lots of choices at your fingertips! Experiment away!

#5 Chai Tea Float
If you want to seriously indulge, try this creamy treat. Brew a strong masala chai, pour over ice, top with vanilla bean ice cream and prepare to have your mouth's mind blown.

Now that you have five great cool-down treats in your arsenal (or beach bag, hiking backpack, whatever), go forth and enjoy the flip out of your summer!

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